Nueva Edén, Honduras(100g)

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原産国 / ホンジュラス
地域 / ラス・マタラス、サン・マルコス・デ・カイキン、レンピラ
農園 / ティト・バレンティン
品種 / カトゥアイ、IHCAFE 90
標高 / 1400m
精製方法 / ウォッシュド

Fruity, bright-tasting coffees with bold personalities are all the rage right now, and it’s no coincidence—there are a lot of great-tasting varieties that fit that mold. Still, there’s something to be said for coffees that don’t necessarily make a strong statement, blends that do the job just right on a day-to-day basis. They might not be anything fancy or flashy, but they’re dependable, always there to deliver a nice brew. Being “plain” isn’t something to frown at. Sometimes, coffee’s just plain good—and that’s a great thing.
Tito Valentin is a coffee farmer in the village of San Marcos de Cayquin in the province of Lempira, near the border with El Salvador in western Honduras.
Tito started growing coffee in 1998. Initially, he started by planting 1,000 seedlings on about 0.2 hectares of land. The following year, they planted another 1,500 seedlings, and now the family owns a total of 3 hectares of coffee land. With the income from selling coffee, the family has been able to improve not only their living environment but also the facilities of the farm, such as a new African bed for drying beans.
Tito's family, including his son Herminio, and all the other members of the family are working together to grow and process coffee.
Caiquín is a poor mountain village where the power supply is spotty and the rain is plentiful, as the sea breezes slamming into the mountains from the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other create heavy cloud cover. Despite the harsh economic conditions and wet climate, Caiquín is full of friendly people with sunny dispositions. The growers we do business with in the village are go-getters; it’s easy to tell how motivated they are. Among all those driven coffee growers, Tito stands out—not because of how aggressive he is, but actually because of how quiet and reserved he tends to be. He’s bashful when we’re negotiating prices, even. “Thanks for buying my beans at such a generous price last year,” he told me once, sounding almost apologetic. “I hope you like what we’ve got this year, too.” Tito might seem shy, but he’s constantly looking for ways to boost the quality of his output. The first time I cupped Tito’s beans, they scored an 83. Now, he’s at an 88.

Origin_Honduras Region_Las Mataras, San Marcos de Caiquín, Lempira Farm_Tito Valentin Variety_CATUAI, IHCAFE 90 Altitude_1400 masl Proc. Method_Washed

Roasting_Filter Sweetness_4 Acidity_3 Flavor_3 Body_3
Tasting notes: Melon, Sweetness, Almond, Milk Chocolate

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