La Chumeca, Costa Rica (100g)

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今回ご紹介するのは、La Chumeca農園のアナエロビックナチュラル。アナエロビックは単調なカカオのようなテイストになりがちですが、丁寧に慎重に手を加え続けることでコンプレックスで綺麗なコーヒーに仕上がっています。

ラ チュメカマイクロミルは、3人兄弟の1人であるマーティン ウレーニャ氏が所有・運営しています。マーティン氏の隣には、弟のエドガー氏のエル ピロン マイクロミルです。マーティン氏とエドガー氏は、常に最高の熟したチェリーのみを使用するようにするために、シンプルで効果的、かつ安価な技術を開発しました。彼らは、2つの大きな青いタンクに配管と真水を入れて、迅速かつ徹底的なフロート選別を行うだけでなく、重力と水の力を利用して、破損した豆や不良品の豆を流さないようにしました。

原産国 / コスタリカ
地域 / サン・イシドロ・レオン・コルテス
農園 / ラ・グアリア
品種 / カトゥーラ、カトゥアイ
標高 / 1700m
精製方法 / 嫌気性発酵、ナチュラル

La Chumeca Micromill is owned and operated by Martín Ureña, one of three brothers. Martín's "next door" neighbor is his brother Edgar's El Pilon Mircromill. Martín and Edgar have developed a simple, effective, and inexpensive technique to ensure their Naturals always comprise only the very best, ripest cherry: They have rigged two large blue tanks with some piping and fresh water in order to not only do a quick and thorough float sort, but also to divert the damaged and defective beans out of the way using gravity and the force of the water.
There are 50 drying beds, and since 2018 Martín has also been experimenting with anaerobic-environment fermentation: For certain lots, he places the freshly harvested cherry into sealed distillery tanks that he special-ordered from Korea. Fermenting coffee without the presence of oxygen keeps the temperature in the coffee bed low, which slows the fermentation and can create unique flavors.
Martín meticulously measures the Brix of the coffee from the time of harvest (22–25 °Bx) all the way throughout the fermentation process, stopping when it drops to 16 °Bx. He also measures the temperature inside the tanks: If there is a significant increase in the temperature inside the barrel it means that an aerobic fermentation is happening. An exothermic reaction is occurring and if it is not controlled on time, vinegar, extreme ferment, and different types of unpleasant acidic flavors can develop in the cup. At La Chumeca, AEF coffees spend around four full days in the tanks (96 hours).The anaerobic environment slows down the yeast and bacteria activity, which is why it takes so much longer than a more “traditional” aerobic fermentation.
After a few days' fermentation in the airtight tanks, Martín transfers the cherries to the beds to fully dry as Naturals. (He also siphons off the fermented cherry liquid and makes a kind of liquor from it that tastes sweet, funky, and fruity.)

Origin_Costa Rica
Region_San Isidro, León Cortés
Farm_La Guaria
Variety_Caturra, Catuai
Altitude_1700 masl
Proc. Method_Natural (Anaerobic-environment fermentation)

Tasting notes: Cocoa, cherry and lemon flavors, sweet, clean and citric

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